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Natural Sparkling Mineral Water

Legendary Taste

We Believe In Water that Tastes Incredible

Bubbling with high natural mineral content and a sensational taste, Kaz Orijinal allows us to drink from the springs that brought forth legends.

Pristine Springs

The springs of Mount Ida produce a naturally occurring freshness that is rich in history. Spilling over the ancient region of Troy and trickling throughout the pages of the Illiad, the springs are that of legend, and real enough to put to your lips. The history and magic of Mount Ida, nicknamed “Kaz” Mountain, share with us a legendary taste.

Great Water Makes

Great Refreshment

Use Kaz Orijinal in your next drink in place of soda water. Refine the taste, and boost your refreshment.

Our recipes are bubbling with fun!

The Orijinal Blog

Don’t miss the latest adventures with Kaz featuring rock climbing, surfing, skydiving and more! Refreshing recipes and relaxing sips, find them all here, on the blog!