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Kaz Orijinal started with the awe-inspiring and legendary Mountain Ida found in the ancient region of Troy bordering the Mediterranean. Known as one of the most fresh air areas in the world, it is also steeped in a rich history of the Trojan War, the beauty of Helen and the reign of Zeus. The combination of beauty and legend is what brought Ismail Ugur, a Turkish entrepreneur to this oxygen rich mountain. Untouched by large-scale commercial tourism the area has remained a natural nature preserve. “We wanted to share the pristine freshness and high mineral content provided by the water found on this beloved mountain with the world.” Bottled for years, the water found in the springs has only been available to those in the surrounding areas.

After visiting family in Austin, TX, Ugur became enthralled with the mineral water industry. With health and wellness taking a bold front seat in the US, it has brought mineral water to the forefront. Its popularity has grown exponentially and the demand is still on the rise. Ugur realized the time to share was now.